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Note: this site will go offline in 2021. Please contact me via LinkedIn for any questions.
My name is Peter Maandag and this is the place where I show all of my work in 3D game programming and other areas of software development. I have a passion for creating and playing video games, but I also love technology and computers in general, so I also visit other fields of development from time to time! 3D programming in Unreal Engine 4 is something I have been very actively involved in; a recent example I’m very proud of is project Nayima for which I did all the programming work. As of the 13th of July, Nayima has a Steam Greenlight project page, and it has been Greenlit on the 20th! You can check it out here.
Besides this, music is also a big part of my life; I play the piano, guitar and drums.

I’m currently working as game programmer for Engine Software in the development team for the port of Petroglyph’s 8-bit series to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you have anything you would like to ask or suggest me, feel free to check out one of my social media profiles!

Thanks and enjoy!
Peter Maandag

3d programming slayer
“Spectacular abilities with killer skills. Absolutely ready for industry action!”