NayimaBrandingImageIn a multidisciplinary and international team of in total six people we developed and realized a prototype of a third-person adventure game in Unreal Engine 4 called Nayima.
For some of the team members this was a graduation project for the LISAA University, located in Paris, France. The main part of my job was to implement all game mechanics and provide technical support. I also did animation linking and setup, shader programming, sound implementation and many other activities that required scripting or advanced engine features. Furthermore I made sure that the team could work together efficiently through the use of the Perforce version control system.
We also took part in the CG Student awards where we were highly ranked and acclaimed as follows: “Spectacular abilities with killer skills. Absolutely ready for industry action!” (

We also have put up a Steam Greenlight page for Nayima here: You can also find it below:

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