Download Snake v1.2.1
Do not forget to download and install the latest Java first from

This game is based on a Snake game that I wrote in the summer of 2011 for the TI-84 Plus graphical calculator. Have fun with the world wide loved, traditional Snake. And besides that, crawl your way through the levels while avoiding walls and finding your way through teleports.
Try not to eat yourself! 😉
Bored? Try to beat all 22 achievements which are included in the game! Build your own levels and discover how the traditional Snake is taken to a whole new level.

– 7 challenging levels
– 22 achievements
– Highscores per level
– A rich and advanced editor to create your own levels to earn achievements
– Costum skin support to include your own skins
– Rich animation and catchy tune
– Fullscreen support

Earn Achievements:

Create your own great-looking Skins:

Create your own Levels:

Download Snake v1.2.1

Thank you for playing!

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