Steam Screenshot Manager

The Steam Screenshot Manager (SSM) allows you to view the screenshots you made using Steam. It adds a few features, which are not available in the official screenshot manager of Steam.
Furthermore it offers another way of browsing your screenshots. It will recognize the folders that were already defined in Steam and you can provide custom game aliases for folders that are not recognized.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 needs to be installed.
The installer will install it automatically if it’s not installed.

Instructions and features:

  • Add screenshots (it automatically converts .png, .bmp and (unanimated) .gif to .jpg that is recognized by Steam)
    • Navigate towards the folder where you want to add a screenshot
    • Right click on an empty spot in the file browser and select Add New
  • Merge screenshot folders
    • Select two or more folders that you want to merge in the file browser
    • Right click on one of the selected folders you want to merge all screenshots into and select Merge
  • Fix broken screenshots
    • Right click on a screenshot that needs fixing and select Fix
  • Delete screenshots
    • Right click on a screenshot that you want to delete and select Delete
    • Your selected screenshots will be moved to the Recycle Bin
  • Create costum game aliases for easy navigation
    • Right click on a folder in the treeview and select Change Alias
    • Enter your costum alias
    • Click the Save Icon to save the changes permanently
    • Your costum folder alias will now show every time you start SSM

After any of these actions, restart Steam to make your screenshots visible in Steam’s screenshot manager.

If you have old screenshot folders that do not show up in Steam’s screenshot manager, this app will NOT allow you to expose these to Steam automatically.

In this case do the following:

  • Open Steam and add a link to the non-Steam game of which you are trying to upload screenshots
  • Start the game and take a screenshot
  • If SSM is still running refresh the root folder by clicking the refresh icon in the top left
  • Merge your old folder in the newly created folder
  • Restart Steam

Software: Steam Screenshot Manager

Disable Device

People have been asking for an easy to use program that disables devices (such as your mouse or WLAN card) with one click or via the command line without having to go into the device manager every time.
Disable Device does just that. Check out which version matches your needs (a more detailed readme which also includes instructions is provided with each download):

You need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (standard installed on Windows 7):
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Disable Device v1.0

  • Programatically enables and disables devices (via command line or User Interface), without having to go into Device Manager every time.
  • No installation required.

Download Disable Device v1.0

Disable Device v1.3
Added features versus DisableDevice v1.0:

  • Adds support to easily disable multiple devices at once.
  • Opportunity to disable devices on windows boot up.
  • Supports silent mode.
  • Improved Graphical User Interface.
  • Installation required.

Download Disable Device v1.3